State Awards for Craftsmen of Kerala


The objective of the scheme of State Awards is to give recognition to Master Craftsmen who have made outstanding contribution in terms of excellence of craftsmanship and development of crafts.  The award is to serve an incentive to such craftsman to continue their pursuit as well as an example to others who may strive to receive the same.


The Sate award shall be open to all craftsmen residing in Kerala and shall be made on the basis of State Level selection. The Awards shall be given to the Crafts for their outstanding work in the following:

Major Crafts

1.   Wood craft

2.   Natural fiber

3.   Cane and Bamboo

4.   Lace and Embroidery

5.   Metal ware

6.   Coconut shell based handicrafts

7.   Miscellaneous crafts (items not included above)



1.All Craftsmen residing in Kerala for more than 10 years are eligible to compete for the State Award.

2.A Craft person shall be eligible for a state award or state Merit Certificate in a

given craft only once in his/her life time.

3.Any Craft person who has previously been won the state award/awarded to

Merit Certificate shall not be eligible for being awarded another award/State

Merit Certificate in the same craft. However the existing Merit Certificate

holders shall be eligible for State Award.



There shall be 7 State Awards and 7 State Level Merit Certificates.  Each State Awards shall consists of a cash prize of Rs. 50,000/-, a brass plaque and an angavastram.  Each State Level Merit Certificate shall consist of besides a certificate, a cash prize of Rs. 10,000/-


The award for the year 2015-16 was distributed by the Honourable minister for Industries, Sports and Youth affairs on 28-Dec-2016