Industrial Co-operative Socities

Industrial co-operative societies in different industrial sectors are registered under Industries and Commerce department. The General Managers of the District Industries centres are the registrar of the societies in district jurisdictions. The Director of industries and commerce is the registrar of all other industrial Co-operative societies except coir and Handloom & Textiles which does not come under the jurisdiction of the General Managers. 2330 nos industrial co-operative societies are registered under this department. Concerned registrar implements and monitors all the statutory matters of the societies except audit. Directorate is engaged to implement all the schemes of government for industrial co-operative societies.

The prime objective of an industrial co-operative is to benefit the workers socially and economically. The Industrial Co-operative societies are formed for different categories like Agro, Food, Garment, Printing, Beedi etc to develop self-reliance, co-operation and self-respect among the members by undertaking various manufacturing and allied activities needed for the welfare and well-being of the member and the society. The Industrial co-operative societies offer many possibilities in industrial sector to the people who are economically weak and unemployed. Many Industrial Co-operative Societies such as Kerala Dinesh Beedi, Capex, Indian Coffee House have established their name in industrial sector. The industrial co-operative societies do play a crucial role in local economic development through gainful employment.

           The mini industrial estates in the state are administered by industrial co-operative societies. Mini industrial co-operative societies are registered in all districts to carry on a business of establishing and running of Industrial Estates for small scale industries. There are 88 Nos of estates with a total area of 89.45 acres functioning under mini industrial co-operative societies.
          In the Beedi Industrial sector Kerala Dinesh beedi,the central co-operative society has a major role. Since the beedi production and consumption is not being promoted a large number of traditional beedi workers are out of the job and they need to be rehabilitated.Kerala Dinesh beedi is engaged in activities to diversify their product line from beedi to other areas such as Coconut products,Cashew products,Food processing,Garments,Curry powder,Computer training courses etc by leveraging their brand name.
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