Two Common Facility Service Centers (CFSCs) have been set up at Changanassery and Manjeri to promote polymer based industry especially Plastic and Rubber. This two centres are functioning under the direct control of the Directorate of  Industries and Commerce. CFSC Manjeri provides Rubber related common facility and CFSC, Changanassery provides Rubber and Plastic related Common facility. Two CfSC has Tool Room Division to support general Mechanical engineering works like  automobile / wood / printing presses / brick making units / other general engineering enterprises.

Two CFSCs have well equipped Physical and Chemical testing laboratory 


  1. Providing Common facility 
  2. Trainings and EDPs
  3. Facilities for project works and research 
  4. Quality testing of polymer substances 

Objectives of CFSC Manjeri (Rubber) and Changanassery(Rubber and Plastic)

  • To provide technical support to industrialists and entrepreneurs in Rubber, Plastic  and Tool Room based industries.
  • To conduct training programmes and seminars for the upliftment of rubber and Plastic based industries.
  • To provide testing facilities for checking the quality of rubber chemicals and rubber products. 
  • To provide laboratory facilities for the development of new rubber products
  • To provide the service of costly rubber processing machineries to customers.
  • To provide technical support for the fabrication of tools, moulds and dies in the Tool Room