Enquiries galored for Ayurvedic yoga mats at Vyapar 2022

Yoga mats made of Ayurvedic herbs were a big hit ahead of the International Day of Yoga, which falls on June 21, at Vyapar 2022, owing to its therapeutic effect of reducing skin diseases and rashes. The exhibition stall of handwoven yoga and meditation mats, which are made after dyeing threads in a concoction of seven herbs, drew the attention of the delegates at the three-day B2B event at Jawaharlal Nehru International Stadium Ground in the city, organized by the Department of Industries and Commerce. The B2B meet is a targeted drive to tap the national market for a wide range of products from Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs).

At the meet, many buyers from across the country evinced keen interest in creating a tie-up and know more about the endeavour of Ayurvastra Textiles Private Limited, which is based at Balaramapuram in Thiruvananthapuram.

“There has been a demand for bedsheets and other products, but in recent times there are inquiries for Ayurvedic yoga mats from abroad,” said Adarsh M P, General Manager of the firm. “Considering their medicinal benefits, various handloom-made Ayurvedic fabrics, including baby wears, bedsheets, pillow covers and towels are popular in European countries. We are exporting yoga mats and also dress materials dyed in Ayurvedic herbal mixture to countries like Austria, Denmark, US, Holland and Brazil,” he added.

According to him, the fabrics dipped in Ayurvedic herbal concoction are getting numerous enquiries as they can reduce skin diseases and rashes. The company purchases herbs from Kottur in Thiruvananthapuram. Shri Adarsh informed that three types of turmeric are used for creating yellow colour, besides tulsi, gall nut and leaves of mango tree for getting certain other colors for fabrics, including khadi, linen and handlooms.


‘Herbal water’ at Vyapar-2022 stall energises body beyond quenching thirst’

Kochi, June 17: Amid a plethora of bottled water in the market, products of a Kerala-based startup stand out for not just their variety flavours but medicinal plants that energise the body beyond quenching thirst. The company from upstate Malappuram district is attracted delegates at the Vyapar 2022 in this city with what the entrepreneurs claim is the first ‘herbal water’ manufactured in Kerala.

Infused with therapeutic ingredients from flora, the herbal water infuses the aromatic krishna tulsi (holy basil) and black cumin (karinjeerakam or kala jeera), according to volunteers of the Manjeri-based Aparma Beverages attended the June 16-18 business-to-business meet being organized chiefly by the Kerala Department of Industries and Commerce.

Developed by the 2019-founded firm’s professional R&D team, the IS0-certified product comes out of the factory after nine stages of international-level quality check. The product also undergoes a string of tests on pH level which measures the acidity of water, points out Ahammed Shabeerali, owner and Managing Director of the company. Aparma’s bottles, which are available in sizes of 400, 750 and 1,000 litres, bear flavours of orange, strawberry and blueberry depending on the fruit that goes into the product.

The company also manufactures ‘nutrient water’ with calcium, magnesium, potassium and zinc besides amla (gooseberry) extract. A third variety is ‘flavoured water’ which has categories in orange, peach, cucumber, blueberry, lemon, mint, strawberry and watermelon. There is also ‘sports water’, infused with electrolytes such as sodium, potassium and chloride. Besides, the company brings out ‘alkaline water’ that has pH level higher than that of plain water.


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Vyapar 2022 concludes; hosts 2,417 B2B meets worth Rs 105-crore business

Kochi, June 18: The three-day Vyapar 2022 drew to a close today with the Kerala government’s pioneering event in the MSME sector facilitating trade deals worth Rs 105 crore at 2,417 business-to-business meets.

A total of 330 buyers clinched pacts with 324 sellers from across the country at the successful event organized in the city by Kerala Department of Industries and Commerce.

The June 16-18 conclave in suburban Kaloor will be followed up by an array of virtual meets next week, organisers said after the conclusion of Vyapar 2022 which sought to boost the state’s pandemic-hit MSME units by providing them a platform to showcase their products and technological competence.

The meet had focused on seven key economic sectors. Of these, the most number of business deals were struck in food-processing and Ayurveda, followed by handlooms and textiles, according to organisers. The event at JLN International Stadium Ground featured 331 stalls, which were open to the general public on the concluding day.

The B2B meets held on the first two days of the event generated a potential business of Rs 105,19,42,500, revealed officials with Kerala Bureau of Industrial Promotion (K-bip), which coordinated Vyapar 2022. Of the 324 sellers, 15 were government agencies.

The event yet again highlighted the eminence and popularity of Kerala’s food items and traditional wellness system, organisers said. The virtual meets slated to be held towards the end of next week will further cement the business deals, they added.

Vyapar 2022, which was inaugurated by Minister for Law, Industries and Coir Shri P. Rajeeve on Thursday, saw the convergence of representatives of all-India trade and commercial organisations, business consortiums, e-commerce executives, exporters, consumers, and buyers from top commercial establishments. The final day saw a steady rise in the crowds at the stalls, as the event was open to the public for nine hours till 8 p.m.

An expo at the event exhibited the MSME products, branded and otherwise. The seven focal sectors were food processing (food and spices); handlooms, textiles and garments (fashion design and furnishing products); rubber; coir products; Ayurveda and herbal (cosmetics and nutraceuticals); electrical and electronics; and traditional sectors that include hand-carved goods, handloom textiles and bamboo-based items.

An interesting feature of the event was the impressive presence of women entrepreneurs who set up 65 out of the 331 exhibition stalls to showcase a range of products and their business acumen to attract the attention of domestic buyers and global e-commerce giants such as Amazon and Flipkart.


Selfie robot attracts a long queue at Vyapar

Kochi, June 16: Kerala Minister for Law, Industries and Coir Shri P. Rajeeve had a pleasant surprise at Vyapar 2002 today when a robot at the business-to-business meet invited him for a photo and came up with its print in 30 seconds after the click. An amused minister, who was impressed with the ‘selfie robot’, went ahead with his round of the stalls at JLN International Stadium Ground before inaugurating the three-day event being organised chiefly by the Department of Industries and Commerce.

“Let’s take a selfie together,” was how the robot greeted the minister, who then posed for an image and got its printout in half-a-minute. “Very prompt,” exclaimed Shri Rajeeve. “Excellent clarity, too.”

The four-foot-tall device subsequently saw curious delegates at Vyapar 2022 lining up for images. The white-coloured machine was developed by Bengaluru-based Robot Entertainment India, which is into robotics and animatronics.

“Typically, our models blend a solid paleontological research, advanced robotic technology and fine art-work,” says Kishore Kumar, founder CEO of the two-decade-old company. “Our typical clients comprise museums, science centres, amusement parks, FECs, zoos, resorts, cruise lines, schools, restaurants and retail outlets. We also get invited for community fairs, and event-planners. All Robots for permanent installations are made-to-order.”

The selfie robot has become a cynosure at Vyapar 2022, with the delegates queuing up for a quick image from the printer attached to the computer-fed device.

Lingaraj B., a volunteer with Robot Entertainment at Vyapar 2022, reveals that the first 100 selfies on the inaugural day were given for free. “From then on, we are charging Rs 20 a copy.” Adds his colleague Nagendra Prasad: “Instant photo in print is the USP of this device.”

Vyapar 2022 is open to the public on June 18 (Saturday) from 2 p.m.


Kerala Minister for Law, Industries and Coir P. Rajeeve being greeted by the 'selfie robot' ahead of clicking an instant image at Vyapar 2022 in JLN Stadium Ground in Kochi on June 16, Thursday. Flanking him are Kochi Mayor M. Anilkumar and Industries and Commerce Director S. Harikishore.