Year of Enterprises 2022-23: Historic achievement of establishing One Lakh units in 250 days

        Hon’ble Minister for Industries, Law and Coir announced on 08th December 2022, the milestone achievement of registering 1,00,000 new enterprises in Kerala as part of the Year of Enterprises Initiative of the Government. The Financial Year 2022-23 is observed as the Year of Enterprises. The Industries Department has undertaken a slew of activities for promoting new enterprises in the State. The proud achievement of one lakh new enterprises has been achieved in a period of 250 days from April 1 to December 7, 2022. As part of this, an investment of Rs 6274 crore and 2,20,285 new employment opportunities were created in the state.

         Ernakulam district leads in terms of number of enterprises, investment and employment opportunities. Malappuram and Thrissur districts bagged the second and third positions. More than 9000 enterprises have been started in Kollam and Thiruvananthapuram districts. 13000 units have been started in the industrially backward districts of Pathanamthitta, Kasaragod, Wayanad and Idukki and more than 28000 jobs have been created. One-third (31,785) of the newly started enterprises are owned by women entrepreneurs. One lakh also includes 4678 new ventures promoted by entrepreneurs belonging to Scheduled Castes/Scheduled Tribes.

# Top sectors New enterprises Investment (Rs. Crore) Jobs created
1 Argo & Food processing 18196 1082 45382
2 Garments & Textiles 11770 515 24261
3 Service activities 7932 475 18030
4 Electrical & Electronics 4404 262 8117
5 Trade Activities 31925 1846 58734

PM Formalization of Micro Food Processing Enterprises Scheme: 2nd Review

           The Second Review Meeting of the PMFME Scheme chaired by the Director (Industries & Commerce) was held from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on December 8, 2022 (Thursday) at Galaxie Hall, Hotel Horizon, Aristo Junction, Thiruvananthapuram. All the concerned District Nodal Officers (DNOs) and District Resource Persons (DRPs) from all the districts attended the review meeting. As part of improving the performance under the PM FME Scheme and to bridge the gaps, the Department of Industries & Commerce, Government of Kerala is closely following up with the DNOs and DRPs to aid the process of achieving the said target for the State under the PM FME Scheme.

Over 50,000 Enterprises registered in 145 days as part of One Lakh Enterprises Initiative

Hon’ble Minister for Industries, Law and Coir announced on 26th August the milestone achievement of registering 50,000 new enterprises in Kerala as part of the One Lakh Enterprises initiative of the Government. The Financial Year 2022-23 has been declared as the Year of Enterprises. The Industries Department has undertaken a slew of activities for promoting new enterprises in the State and as part of this, 1153 professionals are appointed in all local bodies to identify and handhold aspiring entrepreneurs in starting the enterprises by availing the services offered by various government departments, agencies, PSUs and banks.

The achievement of registering 50,000 new enterprises was achieved in a remarkable timeframe of 145 days.Investment worth Rs. 2970 Crores and 1,10,185 new jobs have been created in the State as a result.Malappuram tops the list in the number of units (5743) followed by Ernakulam (5282).More than 4000 units have registered in Thiruvananthapuram, Palakkad, Kollam, Thrissur and Kozhikode districts. Kasaragod, Wayanad and Idukki districts combined have registrations over 4000 units and created more than 8000 jobs.

One third of the newly formed enterprises (16038 units) are promoted by women entrepreneurs. 2300 new enterprises promoted by SC/ST entrepreneurs are also among the 50,000.

The top sectors in which new enterprises have formed are as follows:

Sl. No. Top sectors New enterprises Investment (Rs. Crore) Jobs created
1 Agro & Food processing 7,500 400 19,500
2 Garments & Textiles 5,800 250 12,000
3 Electrical & Electronics 2,100 120 3,900
4 Service activities 4,300 270 9,900
5 Trade Activities 17,000 980 32,000

In the loan, license, subsidy campaigns that are taking place at local body levels as part of the initiative, loan applications worth Rs. 9 Crore and 1326 license applications have been approved. Number of subsidy application processes has crossed 850.


Draft Export Policy- Suggestions/ remarks invited

The draft Export policy of the State has been prepared and published below.
Please send suggestions/ remarks to the email id- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Click to view/ download Draft Export Policy

Workshop on ONDC

A workshop for familiarising  Open Network for Digital Commerce was organised at Hotel  Residency Tower , Thiruvananthapuram at 10:30 AM on 21st July 2022. The workshop was inaugurated by the Hon. Chief Secretary of Kerala Dr. V. P. Joy IAS. The Principal Secretary for Industries Mr. Suman Billa IAS presided over the inaugural session.
Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) is an initiative aiming at promoting open networks for all aspects of exchange of goods and services over digital or electronic networks. ONDC is to be based on open-sourced methodology, using open specifications and open network protocols independent of any specific platform.
The workshop was led by Mr. Thampy Koshy, Chief Executive Officer, ONDC, Mr. Shireesh Joshi, Chief Business Officer ONDC and Dhruv Mangal, Network Expansion, ONDC. The working of the ONDC network was explained in detail and the working of the network was demonstrated. The participants were given the  opportunity to interact with the ONDC team and their partners. The workshop was attended by public and private entities with e-commerce platforms attended the workshop.